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What self care routine...?

From young urban professional to working Mama, I found myself struggling to continue the simple self care routines that I previously had.

What was the missing piece? Simplicity. Simple yet effective everyday use products helped create space for attainable wellness in our home.

Products that have everyday purpose, and are easy to implement without having to find extra time in the day…and of course, represent a part of who I was as a vibrant young profressional before I became a Mama.

And so with that, I am excited to share Leslieville Market with you. This passion project is inspired by the people and places of Leslieville, a small beach town vibe in the middle of a metropolitan city that has the most heart warming and welcoming neighbourhood of people.

Each item in this curated collection has been hand selected to provide support for the busy working professional, while allowing you to feel amazing. One of the market’s most highly coveted pieces is our beautiful silk eye mask made from 100% mulberry silk – if you’ve been having trouble sleeping or struggle to calm your thoughts as you lay in bed, this might just be the product for you.

Welcome to our site and we hope you find items to brighten your day, with minimal effort.